Designer - Chang Yi Hung / Shen Tzu Chin

We emphasizes the life slogan 『My Life is My Life』by presenting fascinating and surprisingly design in our concept in life. 

Crypsis holds the meaning of hiding in the cave. The brand inspiration developed from the Cyclops monster of a film in 1958, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. During that era, the monster in the film was made of clay, which in a time without modern technology and mechanisms was well presented as a handcrafted creation. We find their original intention from the time period’s essence and aesthetics of hand made items. Everything started from zero and scratch. In addition to this factor, the utilization of by-frame(stop-motion) animation technique brings a rough but progressing idea which can be beautifully appreciated and leave a strong impression for. This is thus what we attempt to achieve through the brand (A)crypsis.